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The importance of buying from a Centre bookshop

Welcome! This site is mainly to help bookshop managers, particularly in Triratna Centres, to improve their shops and to increase book sales.

All publishers are seeing increased sales through Amazon and other internet retailers, rather than from bookshops. However, we receive only 40% of the price of each book purchased on Amazon. If books are purchased from Triratna Buddhist Centre bookshops or our website at, we would appreciate it.

Current marketing materials

Below is a list of our current marketing materials to download. Please feel free to print these out and display them in your Centre bookshop. If you are unable to do this yourself, contact us at We may have printed material to send to you by post.

The Complete Works of Sangharakshita

2018 Book Posters

2017 Book Posters

2017 Other Posters

2016 Book Posters

2016 Other Posters

2015 and Earlier Book Posters

Recommended Books

These lists will help orientate customers around your Centre bookshop

Series Introduction to Advanced (2016)

1. Introducing Buddhism 2016

2. Meditation 2016

3. Mindfulness 2016

4. Developing Buddhism 2016

5. Advanced Buddhism 2016


A few books to start out with Meditation

A few books to go deeper with Meditation


Shelf Talkers

Use these shelf talkers to display the personal recommendations of staff and customers. Please get in touch if you would like us to print out some templates to send to you.

Triratna Gift Tokens

How to Run a Book Launch

We've put together some instructions on how to run a book launch at your centre:

Marketing Guides for Authors